May 19, 2022

How wonderful it is to be able to write someone a letter! It can often be difficult to find the right words to express oneself in person but writing them down is always easier. So, if you feel like conveying your thoughts to someone, sit down and write that letter!

Keeping in touch the old way

People may tell you that it was only in the past that letter writing was considered essential, while in this age of computers and smart phones, it’s not necessary anymore. Just fire off a text, and it’s done! But that really isn’t true because in today’s modern world there are important reasons why letter writing is still essential.

Putting a pen to paper is also completely different to social media. In social media, you go back and forth in small snippets, but writing a letter takes time and thought. It takes your undivided attention and lets the recipient know that they are special to you.

In writing, we can often pour out our true feelings to someone else, allowing them to see what they really mean to us.

Here are several more reasons why learning to write letters is so important.

Application letters

Sooner or later, one may need to apply for a program at a school or other institution. A well-written application letter could then be the difference between being accepted or turned down.

When applying for a job, writing letters is always going to be essential. It could be a cover letter sent with a resume, or a thank you letter for an interview. And then, one day, one may want to write a letter to an employer requesting a promotion. The chances of success will almost always depend on the impression one makes with that letter.

Official communications

It’s often necessary to inform people or institutions one deals with of changes in personal details such as a new address, contact details, or a change of personal status. A handwritten letter is much more likely to get instant attention than an email popping into someone’s inbox. It shows that you care and are willing to give personal attention to the matter or the person addressed.

In addition, writing a letter detailing an action plan or a procedure adds a certain authority to the communication.

How one’s child can benefit from letter writing

Writing letters makes a child a better learner. Unlike sending short text messages or quick emails, sitting down to write by hand requires much more concentration and focus. The result is that it teaches the child to process information better. Unlike typing on a smartphone or computer, where words can easily be erased or rephrased, writing on paper is permanent. This encourages the child to think and pre-plan before actually writing the words and putting their thoughts on paper.

With more advanced students, a study by psychologists showed that students who took notes by hand performed better in tests than those who typed notes on a laptop. They concluded that the impaired learning was duly to shallower processing as compared to writing the information by hand.

Building social relationships

One of the downsides of modern technology is that it creates a distance between us and the outside world, something we need to minimize. Studies have shown that it is vitally important for our mental and physical health that we still build proper relationships with others.

So, for example, when our kids’ friends move far away, writing letters is the perfect way for them to keep the old relationships going.

The bottom line

Recently our letter box has been receiving lovely letters from children who chose to share with us their love for our products. This helps remind us why we do what we do and how much fun it is to be in direct dialogue with our customers.

We invite you to write us a letter, tell us about yourself, share your ZIPIT Monster story, or simply unzip your mind and surprise us with your creative ideas.

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