May 2, 2022

Why Teacher Appreciation Day Is So Important

Some 70 years ago, the first lady Eleanor Roosevelt suggested to Congress that it establish an annual day dedicated to honoring teachers. It would take a few decades, but eventually in 1980, her idea became a reality, and the first Tuesday in May was officially proclaimed National Teacher Appreciation Day.

Since then, the American nation has embraced the opportunity, to devote this period to honoring teachers, and expressing appreciation for the invaluable and lasting contributions they make to all of our lives.

The Importance Of Recognizing The Role Of Teachers

While in some societies, teaching is considered comparable in importance to professions such as medicine or law, this has hasn’t always been the perception in the United States. In spite of this, though, teachers continued to join the profession knowing the wonderful impact their work would have on the lives of countless children.

With teachers spending more time on average with children than their own parents do, it’s understandable, that they often perceived themselves as overworked, underpaid, and little appreciated. Fortunately, though, they have always continued with their wonderful work, in the knowledge that the reward for touching the lives of so many children is worth more than any monetary amount.

Changes Brought About By The Pandemic

It is even more important to recognize their role considering the changes teaching has undergone over the past two years. The profession transitioned flawlessly from traditional in-person to remote learning, utilizing new and largely unknown technologies and systems. And then switched back again, from distance learning behind the screen of computers to classroom conditions, with some pupils still absent and continuing to learn from home.

How We Can Show Them Our Appreciation

Many teachers joined the profession because of a childhood mentor that had inspired them. That being the case, it is only right that we all recognize them for their efforts and show them we truly value them.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a big gesture to show them they are appreciated. Here are a few simple ideas to show them that they are.

  • Write Thank You Notes

This a simple way to show that you are aware of their dedication and appreciate everything they do. It may seem a small gesture, but a sincerely written note still means a lot to them and makes them feel loved.

  • Gift Cards

Choosing a gift that matches the teacher’s likes is not always easy, so gift cards are always a great option. They allow your teacher to go out and get themselves something that they know they will enjoy.

  • Useful Classroom Supplies

Giving some useful items such as dry erase markers, pencils, pens, sticky note markers, ZIPIT pencil cases 😊, and anything else that they might find useful and not have ready access to, will always be appreciated.

  • Enjoyable Snacks

Everybody likes an occasional snack to lift their mood. Whether it is chocolates, popcorn or candy, everyone appreciates a treat, and even more than that, it shows you thought of them and wanted to get them something they could enjoy.

  • Flowers

A bunch of pretty flowers or small potted plant expresses appreciation. Show teachers that you appreciate them with a something that will make them happy and make their classroom look pretty and smell good!

  • Volunteer To Help Where Possible

Teachers hardly ever get to take a break, so using parent volunteers to help watch students throughout recess and lunch times gives them a little respite. Everyone appreciates a little bit of extra help.

ZIPIT’s Role In Showing Teacher Appreciation

ZIPIT has an active Teacher’s Program, which is growing every year. We invite teachers from all walks of life to join our program and enjoy special discounts and support on individual, class, and school levels.