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Wake Us Up With the ZIPIT App!
The only pouches that come to life with our free dedicated App.

With ZIPIT’s Monstar line, children all over the world will be amazed to see their product come to life as: Ace the British rocker, Sky the prom queen, Volt the bodybuilder or Grizzle the untamable beast.  

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ZIPIT Monstar is the only case/bag that comes to life with a free app that lets children:
• Record a video of their Monstar repeat anything using 3 different pitches
• Play a game with their Monstar
• Snap and save photos of their Monstar
• Share their videos and photos on social Medias directly from the app 


Ace is an old school rockstar with of millions screaming fans from London to LA.


If you’re wearing last season’s shoes, Sky will know it. And she’ll probably tell you so.


Volt is a bodybuilder who starts his day with a protein shake and ends it with 100 pullups.


At heart, Grizzle is a tasmanian devil who spends his days doing his best impression of a human.