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I don’t see the color or style I want on the website. Do you offer any other colors or styles?
What are ZIPIT bags made of?
Can I wash my ZIPIT bag?
How strong are ZIPIT bags?
How long will take to get my order?
Do you ship internationally?
How can I track my order?
Can I make a change to the order I placed online?
Do you accept returns?
My ZIPIT bag is broken or defective. What can I do?
Do you offer deals for bulk purchases?
I’m a reseller. How can I add ZIPIT to my line of products?
Where can I find discounts or promos for ZIPIT bags?
How can I find out if ZIPIT bags are sold in my country?
Who invented the first ZIPIT bag?
Are ZIPIT bags patented?
Why did you choose the name ZIPIT?