In the world of school and office accessories, pencil cases don’t get as much respect as they should. 

We at ZIPIT® are nostalgic people and always remember using pencil pouches in school, at work, or even just to organize our daily life. 

Using and making pencil pouches have always been our passion. So, we have scoured the web and online retailers, and are delighted to share with you some of our favourites based on user reviews. 

We then evaluated the top-rated pencil pouches based on their durability, design, and functionality.

Have fun!

Monster pencil pouch

Of course, one of our very top favourites is our ZIPIT® classic Monster pencil pouch. We made this to be an extra-simple design, using our flagship one continuous zipper technology. 

But simple doesn’t mean boring. This Monster has near-perfect ratings from countless reviewers loving its bright-eyed cuteness and cheerful personality. It comes in two sizes, the classic Monster, and the Monster Jumbo

This patented pencil pouch measures 8.6" x 0.78" x 3.54" (22 x 2 x 9CM) with an extra-wide opening (7.8”/19.8 cm) and can be machine-washed. Made up of sturdy polyester, this classic yet hugely-popular pencil case holds up to 30 pens and pencils while the Monster Jumbo holds up to 60.

The Easthill Linen Pouch has an elegant, gorgeous design with a large capacity of 50 pencils in a two zipper compartment. A mesh pocket in the interior can be used to store notes, cards, tickets and money. 

Made from 100% sturdy canvas, this pencil pouch has smooth and durable zippers which makes functionality a dream. We also like that it has a front window design that allows you to clearly see its contents from. The hand-held band makes for easy carrying. 

A small downside is that at 6.5 inches, it is slightly shorter than other cases and might not fit extra long pencils.

ProCase Pencil Pouch

The simple and elegant design of the ProCase Pencil Pouch made it also a favourite. This pencil pouch comes in a pack of 2, so you get a good bang for your buck.

Don’t let it’s small size fool you, it stores up to 25 pencils and can hold protractors, scissors and other small tools. 

Made out of premium quality felt material, this pencil pouch is compact and lightweight, yet durable.

We would like to have a small band that wraps around the wrist so more versatile use can be applied like for cosmetics, handphones and accessories or as a money pouch.

Lihit Lab Single-Zipper Case

We love this widely available, highly affordable Lihit Lab case. At 9.4 inches by 2 inches, it will fit any length of pencil and it’ll fit a fair amount of them.

A front pocket can hold special pencils or erasers, and this pencil pouch is made of tough nylon that is scruff and rip-resistant. A single separator in the interior stops the pencils from rattling around in the case and creates a compartment for erasers and sharpeners. 

Priced at $9.75, it’s one of the more affordable pencil cases and we like the simple yet elegant design.

iSuperb Waterproof Pencil Pouch

For the active lifestyle, we love this waterproof pencil case by iSuperb. Made of high-quality 100% waterproof Oxford cloth material which is soft yet durable, this machine-washable case measures 21.5 x 11.5 cm (8.4 x 4.5 inches).

3 multi-function compartments and a mesh pocket allows easy organizing of objectives and can be versatile in its use. The zipper is made of high quality metal, doesn’t jam, and is easy to operate. 

We like the fact that the waterproofing protects its contents and have used it to store mobile phones, IDs, cards, money, passports and other more delicate belongings. 

The simple rectangular design, thoughtful compartments and waterproof, tough exterior make it one of our favourites.

Another one of our favourite ZIPIT® pencil cases, our Color Pencil Case is made out of a rainbow of colourful zippers! 

This brightly-coloured and cheery pencil pouch has an exterior of multiple zippers sewn together with a main storage area accessed easily from round zipper heads and one main storage area in the interior. 

The roomy 8.07'' x 0.79'’ x 5.12'' (20.5 x 2 x 13cm) pencil case lays flat when fully opened and is carefully made using smooth zippers and sturdy polyester. Machine washable, your pencil pouch can look as good as new, all the time.

A simple and affordable choice, the Mr Pen Black Pencil Pouch might be suitable for all users. Mr Pen was founded by a bunch of teachers in the US and they see first-hand the needs of their students. 

These pencil cases were created to serve kids in high-risk communities and a portion of the proceeds are given back to these schools and community foundations. 

These pencil cases come in packs of 2, and have 3 rings to fit inside a binder or file. This case comes in 10 x 7.4 x 05 inches and has a clear window which makes checking out its contents easier. 

We like the fact that Mr. Pen is a values-driven company that is guided by principles and strong product design, constantly giving back to the community!

Any list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning our Talking Monstar’s collection. Meet Ace, Sky, Volt and Grizzle. ZIPIT® pencil cases with a personality! There’s a creative way to get kids excited about school stationery. 

Each of these adorable Monstars comes with a free mobile app for either iOS or Android makes your Talking Monstar come to life, listening to jokes, playing games, recording your voice and playing it back, and snapping photos and videos. 

With our trademark design of a pencil pouch having one long continuous zipper, this versatile pencil case measures 8.6" x 0.78" x 3.54" (22 x 2 x 9CM) and is made with durable polyester that’s machine washable for easy care. Air dry (not machine dry) to preserve the integrity of the material.