Just under a year from the outbreak of the pandemic and here we are with approved vaccines that are the first step in regaining global control. However, it will be months before the vaccine is made available to everybody, therefore; wearing masks, respecting social distancing norms, and adhering to a heightened hygienic lifestyle is something we all must accept as part of our ‘new normal’.

Specifically face masks remain a powerful preventive tool and play a crucial role in controlling the spread of the virus. And as we are learning to live with the pandemic the world is seeing more and more countries making masks mandatory.


We at ZIPIT are firm believers in the necessity of face masks and have put our best minds to work on creating a fun solution for this new daily need. And this is how ZIPIT Face-It Series came into creation. This new family of pouches feature antibacterial lining to facilitate a safe and sterile carrying solution for face masks, as well as all the other important must haves’ such as: hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes.

The pouches sport designs of cute “masked” creatures for our younger audience as well as a selection of more adult “masked” patterns. All are guaranteed to trigger ‘the smile factor’ even when addressing such a serious functional need.

One can opt just for the antibacterial pouch or go all out with the Face-It Kit option that includes a perfectly matched reusable fabric mask for child or adult.


We are seeing Face-It attracting customers of all ages in our everyday channels, and we are looking forward to making 2021 Back to School a wonderful experience for many children around the world!