In the inspiring world of stationery, pencil cases don’t get the attention they deserve. 

We all at some point in time used pencil cases. Some of us even continue to use them beyond our schooling days, as artists and writers or simply using them to organize our daily life. 

Cute pencil cases bring order to your stationery collection while keeping them safe and new. Get creative with its use and your money, chargers, headphones, handphones and makeup collection might have a new home! 

We have evaluated countless cute pencil cases for girls and boys and are happy to share our top picks for 2021! 

ZIPIT Monster Pencil Pouch

Ideal for both adults and kids, the Zipit Monster Pencil Case is not your average cute school pencil case. 

The case comes in 3 sizes and 18 different colours, and aside from it looking incredibly cute, the case is well-constructed and extremely sturdy. 

The patented unique design of one continuous zipper is innovation at its best and brings sheer entertainment to a breakthrough design. 

Also machine washable so it constantly can look good as new, the standard size holds up to 30 pencils. Made with sturdy polyester, Zipit also offers a lifetime warranty on this bright-eyed and cheerful pouch! 

Key features:

  • 3 different sizes, standard, jumbo and key ring
  • 18 different bright and cheerful colours
  • Durable and well made
  • Super fun design
  • Machine washable
  • Weighs 1.92 ounces / 54 grams

ProCase Pencil Pouch
Pencil Bag Pen Case | ProCase

The ProCase Pencil Bag is made of durable soft felt and can easily fit in a purse or a school bag. 

The zipper is smooth and works well, while the durable fabric of the case is resistant to scratches, knocks and dirt. 

It holds up to 25 pens or pencils in a simple yet sophisticated design, and comes in a pack of 2 cases, which means you get double the storage at a reasonable price.


Lihit Lab Single-Zipper Case
LIHIT LAB 2-Way Type Pen Case

This case is highly affordable, built to last and widely available. There is a side pocket for accessories and can hold pencil lead refills or erasers. 

It comes in a black, red and blue and has a tough nylon exterior that is resistant to some wear and tear. In the interior, there is a single internal separator that can be used to compartmentalize the contents, or separate pencils and pens. 


Colorit EVA

ColorIt Large Pencil Box Case

This hardcover case is water resistant and shields the contents from damage. With multiple compartments and an elastic strap to hold everything in place, this case can store a whopping 150 pencils! 

Artists and designers that need big capacity pencil cases will love this one.


Kokuyo ShellBro Case


This pouch-style case is designed to open like a clamshell. The polyester exterior is built to be damage-resistant and comes in black and purple. 

The zipper is smooth and works well, and the interior is a single primary compartment and a pocket at the top for erasers, sharpeners and pencil lead refills. 


Soucolor: Great for Coloured Pencils! 

Soucolor 168 Slots Pencil Case

The Soucolor case for colored pencils is a high capacity case, capable of holding 176 pencils. It has 3 double-sided compartments and features slots that hold each individual pencil in place. 

The solid cover protects your coloured pencils and is made of PU leather that is pleasing to the touch. A must-have for artists or coloured pencil enthusiasts!


ZIPIT Colorz Pencil Box


Cool and contemporary, this pencil case holds up to 60 pencils easily. The study outer shell protects the contents of the box and the red, soft inner lining makes usage a pleasure. 

The larger capacity leaves plenty of room for more stationery, offering more versatility than a regular size. 

Made of polyester and soft EVA materials, this cute pencil case for boys or girls is completely machine washable and available in 4 different fun, colour-rich designs with bright, modern prints.


Bellroy Pencil Case


For those that want something stylish, this Bellroy case is made of woven fabric that is durable and can withstand some scruffing. 

The 2.7 inch width is more than sufficient for pens, erasers, even cables and tiny gadgets. The zipper is strong and works well. The sophisticated design is well-suited for professionals or office use where aesthetics have a more important role to play. 


iSuperb Waterproof Pencil Pouch

iSuperb Pencil Case Large Capacity

The old-school version of the case from iSuperb, the rectangularly shaped waterproof pouch has a sturdy zipper along its three sides. The soft exterior makes for easy handling and the waterproof material protects the pouch’s contents. 

The interior of the case is well-organized and opens like a book. Each side has 3 pockets, making for easy organization of the stationery, makeup or gadgets and cables.


Easthill Linen Pouch

EASTHILL Large Capacity Pencil Case

The Easthill linen pouch not only looks gorgeous with its simple yet pleasing design, the interior boasts multiple compartments and pockets for easy organization.

Wide and spacious, the only downside is that its length at 6.5 inches is slightly less than regular pencil cases. 


Kayond Pencil Box

KAYOND Hard Pencil Case

For the clumsy pencil case lovers, this hard shell pencil box has a tough protective exterior yet soft walls in the interior make usage pleasing. Interior compartments help with the organization of your contents and you can store your delicate items with confidence. 

The perfect companion to road trips and constant traveling, this box would be nicely suited for storing precious electronics such as adapters and phones. 


C-Line Slider Pencil Case

C-Line Slider Pencil Case

Uniquely plastic, this unusual case is transparent and allows you to see the content without opening. The walls of the case are solid and keep its shape nicely. 

The convenient snap closure is easy enough to operate and the case slides open for easy access. 


HomeCube Pencil Case

Homecube Big Capacity Pencil Pen Case

The HomeCube pencil case has an elastic holder close to the seam and tight enough to secure contents. The case can hold up to 45 pens and has a mesh pocket among several compartments. 

The case is made up of sturdy canvas and its zipper is strong and smooth.