In 2004, a young designer had an assignment, which was to create a product that can be mass-produced, yet is simple and cleverly designed.

Drawing inspiration from the objects that surrounded him, he spent long days and nights experimenting with raw materials, and led to a few changes made to the sewing of a zipper. This led to a breakthrough 3D product and the pivotal moment that would start it all - a pencil pouch made entirely of one long zipper. 

The rest is history. ZIPIT® was born! 

As schools all around the world reopen, starting school without a new pencil pouch is like Christmas without a tree. We at ZIPIT® are nostalgic people, and remember how excited we were to go to school with our new pencil cases and show it off to our friends.

At ZIPIT®, we know zippers. Our zips won’t break, and to back that up, all our products have a lifetime warranty. So without further ado, we present to you our top-selling, best-reviewed, absolutely awesomest pencil pouches for 2021! 

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Give personality to your ZIPIT® pencil case! Meet Ace, Sky, Volt and Grizzle. Each of these adorable Monstars comes with a free mobile app for either iOS or Android that reveals your Monstar’s infectious personality. 

Download the app and your friendly Monstar friend will come to life, listening to jokes, playing games, recording your voice and snapping photos and videos. 

With our trademark design of a pencil pouch having one long continuous zipper, this versatile pencil case measures 8.6" x 0.78" x 3.54" (22 x 2 x 9CM) and is made with durable polyester that’s machine washable for easy care.


For those needing more room storing stationery (or any other accessories for that matter!), this Pixel Jumbo Pouch might be just what you’re looking for. 

Also made with one long zipper, the printed pattern is inspired from digital art displayed in a rainbow of colours. This oversized pouch is great for storing a multitude of items, at 9"× 6"

(23 x 15CM) with an extra-wide opening, you don’t have to waste time rummaging around. Store up to 50 pens and pencils, cosmetics, electronic and cell phone accessories, or even use it as a wallet!


Keeping it simple doesn’t have to be boring. Our classic Monster pencil pouch has near-perfect ratings from thousands of reviewers loving its big, googly eyes and bright-eyed cuteness. Just looking at it brings a smile to our faces! 

This patented pencil pouch measures 8.6" x 0.78" x 3.54" (22 x 2 x 9CM) with an extra-wide opening (7.8”/19.8 cm) and can be machine-washed. Made up of sturdy polyester, this classic yet hugely-popular pencil case holds up to 30 pens and pencils.


Everyone loves the whimsical raised eyes, bright color combinations and unique detailing of the ZIPIT® Beast Box

The brightly-coloured combinations and playful designs cover the protective hard outer shell and is a nice alternative to soft cases. Inside, a soft red fabric lends an appealing texture and adds a layer of protection.

This machine-washable, roomy ZIPIT® pencil case measures 8.2''x5.3''x2.9'' / 21x13.5x7.5cm has a sturdy zipper closure and holds up to 60 pens and pencils.


Our ever-popular design got added with a unicorn horn and a furry mane in a rainbow of pastel colours. Because let’s be honest here, who doesn’t like unicorns!?

The Unicorn Pouch measures in at 8.7” x 0.8” x 4” (22 x 2 x 10CM), is around the same size as our classic Monsters pencil pouch and stores up to 30 pens and pencils.


The Colorz Jumbo Pouch stays true to its name and comes in a myriad of bright colours and styles and also comes in one long continuous zipper.

With its spacious, 9” x .78” x 5.9” (23x2x15CM) size, the Jumbo Pouch is completely machine-washable and made out of polyester, chosen for durability and strength. 

Holding up to 50 pens and pencils, the innovative construction makes it a favourite with folks that need a roomier pencil case.


With adorable eyes and big, goofy grin, the Gorge Jumbo Pencil Case is a favourite with people that want the increased storage space and the cuteness of ZIPIT® pencil pouches. 

The single large compartment measures 9.06''x0.79''x5.91'' / 23x2x15cm similar to most of the other ZIPIT® jumbos, with an extra-large opening and can hold up to 50 pens and pencils. As with most other of our cases, it is composed of one long continuous zipper and is completely machine washable.


Edgier and quirkier than its “oh-so-cute” ZIPIT® counterparts, the Grillz Pouch is popular with folks that like a little attitude in their accessories! 

With its unconventional expression and shiny teeth, this ZIPIT® pencil pouch measures 8.6" x 0.78" x 3.54" (22 x 2 x 9CM) and comes with an extra-wide diagonal opening so it’s easy to get in and out and find just what you need. It stores 30 pens and pencils, and is machine-washable as always.


A new twist on the flagship ZIPIT® design, the Color Pencil Case is made out of a rainbow of colourful zippers! 

The roomy 8.07''x0.79''x5.12'' / 20.5x2x13cm pencil case has 3 separate compartments and lays flat once opened. 

It’s carefully made using smooth zippers and sturdy polyester that can be ….. you guessed it! Machine-washable.


For the ones that truly require storage space, budding artists and designers love the humongous Expandable Pencil Case

Each one is made with durable polyester fabric in a selection of colourful prints, each with its own tropical vibe. 

Stylist and versatile, the Expandable Pencil Case can be used zipped in a space-saving, compact pencil pouch, or unzip the centre to maximize your storage capacity to store a whopping 90 pens or pencils. 

The interior has two zippered compartments, a shallow section that stores 5 pens, and a larger storage area. An additional mesh pocket makes for easy organization.

There we are! The creme de la creme of ZIPIT® pencil pouches, handpicked by thousands of reviews.

We hope you like using them as much as we like making them for you!